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  • Paul McKelvey

    "Ranked tables" is placing players 1 ranked 1st and 2nd on table 1, players ranked 3 and 4 on table 2 and so on instead of random tables 

    "Pair by battle points" is using the score earned each round to pair players instead of strictly win/loss 

    "Hide Placings" will hide placings of player until after event or switch is turned off

    "Hide Lists" will hide all submitted lists from players and viewers until after the event end or the switch is turned off 

  • Dan Matulich

    Is there any documentation that explains what the various options do? I have no idea what "Ranked Tables" does or what exactly "Pair by Battle Points" does. 

  • John Lente

    I understand the TO app is in beta, but what I have on my Samsung Tablet is pretty different from the options described above.  Specifically:

    1. I can't change the picture.  I'm looking at the pirate the whole time.
    2. If I select "Use Online Registration" the option to EDIT online registration disappears.  If I use that button first, the only edit option is the number of tickets to sell - not the price per ticket.
    3. Then there's a toggle for Self Scoring PINs that isn't explained.
    4. Display ITC Points is a check box...what are the pros/cons of checking this or leaving it unchecked?
    5. Ranked tables, Hide lists, Pair by battle points you already explained, so that's fine.
    6. I have no option for player passwords - is this an outdated option that has been removed?
    7. I have no option for uploading scenarios.
    8. I have no option for setting up payment methods.

    Is this my device?  Is this the app?  Or am I just not seeing something obvious?

    UPDATE: I tried this on my phone (Kyocera E6910) with the same results.  Exact same options and omissions.

  • Paul McKelvey


    Most of these issues should have been addressed in the new version of the TO app we rolled out. We are working to add additional features in the very near future. 

  • Dan Matulich

    Thanks very much, that's extremely helpful!

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